Anniversary | PAAS® Easter Eggs

140 Years of PAAS Family Moments

For our 140th anniversary, we invite you to take a fun look back at how Easter has—and hasn’t—changed over the years. As you time-travel from 1881 to today, you’ll see that while the times certainly look different, spending time with family looks and feels very much the same. The other thing that hasn’t changed? The value of memories that last a lifetime. #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


William Townley, a pharmacist, first started to package and sell Easter egg dye tablets. Eventually, his dying business expanded from the basement of his store to this Newark, NJ factory. Today, Americans purchase more than 16 million PAAS® Easter Egg Color Kits. We're proud of our legacy and the millions of family moments we've helped create for generations. #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition#happeaster #Newark


Everyone has that one childhood Easter photo that raises an eyebrow or two. Maybe Easter portraits don't always end up the way Mom and Dad had in mind, but the laughs you have about it later make all the itchy collars and ill-fitting dresses worth it. #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #newpants


Are we at Grandma's yet? This is a question that has been asked for decades. However, when you are on horseback and Grandma lives in the next state, it takes it to a whole new level. No matter the distance, kids are always excited when they finally get to Grandma's house. #arewethereyet #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


While PAAS family moments haven't changed, PAAS packaging has evolved over the decades. Check out this festive 1940s PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit featuring the 'New Cold Water Fizz Tablets'. #classic #familymemories


This wonderfully colorful PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit packaging from the early '50s captures the creative spirit of hitting the PAAS button with your family. #classic #familymemories


We all have that one cousin who can't take a 'nice' picture—even at Easter! And maybe they drove you crazy when you were younger, but the older we get, the more we see that those cousins—and those pictures—are the real treasures. #easterphotos #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


A duck pulling the Easter bunny in a pastel wagon? All in a day's work for this late 1950s PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit. #classic #familymemories


This classic PAAS packaging is a 'barrel of Easter Fun' for lucky children. Well, that certainly hasn't changed. #classic #familymemories


That look you get when you pull into the driveway of Grandma and Grandpa's house and there's a six-foot tall Easter bunny waiting in the driveway for you. Every family has their own unique traditions. Don't worry, you won't realize how weird they are until much later. #easterbunny #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


Sometimes it's a challenge to pull the kids away from their screens, even at Easter. Trust us, we've been doing it for 140 years. We know. Doesn't matter if it's a black & white TV or a mobile phone: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The good news is that today you can change the WiFi password! #tvtime #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


The high-flying artwork elevates the Easter fun on the cover of this classic 1970s PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit. #classic #familymemories


Easter Road Trip! Remember piling in the car to visit family all over the map? Relatives can live in some pretty interesting places. And, looking back, those are the places that you tell the most stories about now. Like, remember when Uncle John used to live in that log cabin? No family video conference call is going to live up to THAT Easter. #wherearewe #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


The gang's all here on the cover of this PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit from the early 1980s. #classic #familymemories


It's a miracle we weren't all traumatized by the surprise appearance of the Easter Bunny at the mall. Seriously, we could have used some warning on that! Here's to (getting over) first impressions and family traditions. #easterbunny #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition #happyeaster


'Create a hand-painted look in seconds!' with this PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit from the 1990s. #classic #familymemories


This PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit cover from the early '00s contains as much color as it does fun for the whole family. #familymemories


Everyone loves Easter... however, some of us love it a little more than others—and that's just fine. #littlebrothers #andthecat #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakeamemory #familytradition


Flashback to the 1960s with this whimsical PAAS Easter Egg Coloring kit cover from the 2010s. #familymemories


Times and packaging artwork may change but the fun inside the box remains the same! #familymemories


140 years later, PAAS is overjoyed to continue to bring families and friends together to share the thing that really counts most of all—time with each other. #celebratefamily #hitthePAASbutton #takeamomentmakememory #familytradition #happyeaster